is natural for us until we realize that our eyes are exhausted and filled with tears more and more often and the outlines we used to see clearly become indistinct.
We do not realize how much our body, particularly our eyes are overstressed by the electronic devices we use to make our life and work easier every day.
Failing sight -except for hereditary or aquired organic lesions - is a disease of civilization. Psychic problems, stress, lack of sleep and relaxation, straining the eyes can all harm our good sight we were born with.
80% of the information gets to the brain through the eyes, so we only realize how important our eyes are when we find that our sight has started to fail

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20 patients tried Vision Fix.
12 patients aged 10-16 years. 10 children had myopia -2.0 up to
-5.0 D with astigmatism -1.5 up to -3.0 D. 2 children had hypermetropia +3.0 up to +5.0D. All patients had various degree amblyopia.
Grown-ups also tried Vision Fix. 8 patients after cataract removal with IOL implantation had weak myopia and astigmatism.
We should say that children had obvious positive results in amblyopia treatment. While light rays pass through small holes in glasses refraction anomalies are recompensated. This can be marked particularly in astigmatism patients. As a result visual acuity improves.
Grown-ups stressed advantages of use of the glasses at a close distance, especially while reading.
Upon the whole, Vision Fix product is comfortable and has good design, providing positive results.

N.P. Pashtaev
Professor of Ophtalmology
Institution of Optical Surgery of Tseboksar

Customers' comments

I am 50 years old. I hope that my experiences will convince those who have not decided whether to buy eyetrainers or not.
My job involves a lot of reading and using a computer - thus watching the screen. Wearing your eyetrainers for a couple of days already resulted in keen sight - so they have curing effects.
My eyes immediately realized how to see with eyetrainers. So wearing them for a long time is not disturbing. My eyes do not hurt anymore after reading, watching TV or using a computer.

Szász Béla, Tarcal
During the first couple of days I was a bit worried that I made a bad deal because I had diplopia (double sight) when wearing eyetrainers for reading or writing. To my greatest surprise these sysmptoms gradually disappeared. At the moment I am quite astonished to find that my sight without eye-glasses is almost as good as in my youth. I am 50 years old.

Dr. Kun Szabó Gyöngyvér, Szeged


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