As a retired eye-specialist still working I recently met a case that showed how effective your eyetrainers were.
Would you please send me a pair so that I can try them myself.

20 patients tried Vision Fix.
12 patients aged 10-16 years. 10 children had myopia -2.0 up to
-5.0 D with astigmatism -1.5 up to -3.0 D. 2 children had hypermetropia +3.0 up to +5.0D. All patients had various degree amblyopia.
Grown-ups also tried Vision Fix. 8 patients after cataract removal with IOL implantation had weak myopia and astigmatism.
We should say that children had obvious positive results in amblyopia treatment. While light rays pass through small holes in glasses refraction anomalies are recompensated. This can be marked particularly in astigmatism patients. As a result visual acuity improves.
Grown-ups stressed advantages of use of the glasses at a close distance, especially while reading.
Upon the whole, Vision Fix product is comfortable and has good design, providing positive results.

N.P. Pashtaev
Professor of Ophtalmology
Institution of Optical Surgery of Tseboksar

I am a 55-year-old doctor.
I first heard of Vision Fix eyeetrainers 2 years ago when I used one-and-a-half dioptre prescription glasses for reading and my long-sight started to impair.
When wearing eyetrainers, everything happened as it was written in the description. It was great that I did not have to blink to focus neither for reading nor for far-sight. I even felt that thinking was easier, my regular headaches disappeared, the wrinkles around my eyes flattened.
I have to admit that there were times when I read with eye-glasses and eyetrainers by turns -just for comfort. But just then I was able to feel the difference of their effect. I felt that my eyes were tired and painful when I was wearing traditional eye-glasses. I knew about eye-training methods, so I decided to follow the instructions. For three months during the Summer I only used Vision Fix eyetrainers for reading and for eye-training and when I needed it for far-sight. It was difficult in the beginning but it was worth. I started reading small letters without glasses in Autumn. The impairment of my sight stopped. It was fantastic to be able to see just like 10 years before.
I am grateful to Fate for this accidental encounter.
You first feel you are getting old by the impairment of your sight. It is remarkable that I am able to act against the ageing of my eyes. I sincerely think that everybody should be aware of this fantastic aid. I wish them trust and persistence.

Bencze Katalin MD

Sch-mici Bt. HUNGARY
7628 Pécs Andrássy u. 30.
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